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June 08, 2010



what a gorgeous kit and just in time for the 4th of july! i love watermelon jolly ranchers!


Oh Man, loved those gum cigarettes. We'd roll em between our hands and blow the powder out of em so it looked like smoke. Yes, always felt so neat! Fun times!


Mine has to be the Willy Wonka that was chocolate and peanut butter. LOVED them!


i loved the huge variety of gum balls. for a quarter, you could get 25 different kinds. miss those days

kim a.

I always bought those little candy dots on the paper roll... whatever was I thinking???

Sara B

Raspberries and cream... Thanks for the chance to win!


lemon drops!


Mine was a toss up between Chick-o-Sticks and Peanut Butter Bars. When I am having a bad day, I will stop and pick up a package of them and for some reason...they kind of make it all better even if it is just a little


This is SUPER CUTE! I love mini Albums! I would love an opportunity to win this kit! Thanks for the chance!

Cynthia B.

Since I'm all about chocolate :p - I've always loved the chocolate coins that come in packs! It was always a treat when my parents would splurge on some of those precious coins when we were little!

Rita Timmons

I remember teh candy cigs... we used to have a ben franklin's to. That was a long time ago :-)

Linda Flickinger balls & Mary Janes were (and still are) my favorite. You know there's a site (, I think) where you can buy these and all your favorites!


I have always loved Sugar Babies! :0)


Licorice. (Then later I found boxes of Good and Plenty.)I used to lick Sugar Daddy suckers and try to make them last two days. Now my version of Dime Store candy is a package of chocolate Necco Wafers. Yum.

Lori P

I liked licorice shoe strings. Love this kit too.

lori p

what fun!! my favorite dime store candy was candy dots. i LOVED how they were so perfectly placed on those paper strips....

thanks for a great giveaway!!


When I was a kid our local pharmacy sold sour patch kids for a penny each. It was awesome!


I agree with hot lips and I still love them!

Terri Barton

Malted milk balls only we called them "moth balls"!

mandy snow

lol...wish i knew what a dime store was, but i did love those little "fags" when i was a little girl..thought i was so cool pretending to smoke them, but instead i sucked them til they were sooooo pointy!!!! what a great memory!!!

Azura Alyssa

heee..the ones in Singapore is different from the ones in US or any other parts of the world..we have the MAMAK store and you can find many vintage candies and chocolates there. :)


I loved sheet of papersthat can be eaten ! (a little bit like sacramental bread) but with flavour taste !!! yummi yummi !!


My favorite where the lollies and the chocolate caramels. I still love candy! Thanks for this great chance to win some eye candy.


Mmmm...I remember candy necklaces from childhood. Those were always fun!


I love those long strips of white paper with small, bright colored candy dots on them! We have a cool store in Rhode Island called The Candy Shoppe that has all of the fun penny candies!

Sharonda H

My fav pop rocks!! WHOO!:-)

St├ęphanie Pouliot

My favortie are swedish berries! Miam!
The kit is perfect!

Yam Esteban- Rector

Awesome! As always!

Jill T

I always liked sweet tarts in any form. You used to find the giant ones (size of half dollar) in a three pack that were chewy.

Tiersa McQueen

I like pixie sticks the best!

ana roat

My favorite was the flat striped taffy that came wrapped in wax paper. Watermelon was the best....thanks for the walk down penny lane and the chance to win...!

Terra Sovinsky

My favorite candy are Swedish fish I love those things.

Debbie Peysen

I loved to go get some sour cherry candy. It was so sour your lips looked so funny.


Pam Dunn

I loved getting caramels!

Robin H

ooh, candy cigarettes! I think they were called Pall Mall's or Pell Mell's. Looking back, they were so wrong, but back then, I thought they were the greatest thing!

tamara dunkin

my friend(s) and i used to walk up the street to "Joe's Market" to buy penny candies (or nickel, dime and quarter candies, since it was the 80s). my three favorites: atomic fireballs (mmmmmm!), candy cigarettes (not the bubble gum ones - i never liked gum) and finally, those candy sticks - esp. root beer flavored ones.


Wow, nice giveaway! I loved a sweet that had a small round biscuit topped with sugar icing. yummy!


jolly ranchers---the green ones

Louise Murr

cute cute cute...I hope I win one. I love this little kit!
Louise Murr

kim schroeder

Loved the button Candy that you had to bite off the paper! Pure silliness!

Kathy Chen

I love pixie sticks! Thanks for the opportunity to win - what a cool kit


Oooohhhhh, root beer barrels have been and always will be my favorite dime-store candy. I can still find them at the local candy store in Grabill ~ I think you've been there??

Lori in AZ

Sooo sweet! I love Jennie's stuff! And you're a great scrapper! Thanks for sharing your work with your fans. :)

kristin anderson

Oh, I loved the cigarette candy! Also have very fond memories of the salt water taffy strips, butterscotch melts and caramels my great aunt carried in her purse and had secretly stashed for us kids in her home. Good, good memories! (Love everything about the new JBS quarterly kit. I would love to use it to capture some of my family's memories!)

Lori in AZ

Oh, so sorry for not posting abt fave candy! When i was little, I love the sticky rainbow caramel lollypop. I don't remember the name but it is a square slab of caramel in rainbow swirls. Does anyone know what i am talking about?


I'm German, so I have no idea what dime store candy is. Hope I still get a chance to win.

Ally White

Funny you said bubble gum cigarettes because that is what i was going to say. My next choice would be licorice flavored taffy. Yummy :)

Dana Weinberg

I always loved the old fashioned peppermint sticks. They were my favorite and sometimes my dad would stop on his way home from the air force base and pick them up for my sister and i.

karon henderson

Oh my, such sweet memories.....loved the bubble gum cigarettes but we weren't allowed to "pretend" to smoke them!!!!


not too fond of candy (:

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