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June 08, 2010



Maybe it's the small-town roots, but Jenni Bowlin products always feel like "home" to me.

Deena Fricano

My fave is Pixie Stix...LOVE them...

Alisa Logue

I loved those huge white speckled jawbreakers that took a month to consume. -Alisa

ady abreu

I'm not much into candy but I loved Starburst candies growing up and I still like them today. What a fun giveaway. I'm a Jenni Bowlin hoarder. I buy everything of hers. One to create with and one to hoard. LOL


POP ROCKS!!! I loved them! Thanks for the giveaway! Oh....LEMONHEADS too. Yum.

Laura Stewart

I always loved the banana taffy

Heather Tarrant

I used to ride my bike with the banana seat and tassel handle bars to the corner store and buy candy cigarettes that I would pretend to smoke on the way back home. I also like Laffy Taffy which used to come as squaures back in the day!!


I loved the candy cigarettes, too! Also, those wax bottles with grape soda inside.

Jenny Alfonso

I loved those candy bubblegum cigarettes too!


Choc buds for me. Love the kit!

Angie B.

oh goodness... reading about everyone's fave candy really takes me back (and makes me realize how old i am. lol). my favorite were the square caramels with the pink swirls. i don't remember what they're called but SO GOOD! :)


We don't have dime stores in the UK but my favourites sweets (candy) as a kid were white chocolate mice !

mary from maine

My sister and I would walk about a mile to the country store and find bottles along the way to return and together with our allowance we would by penny candy. We picked out rootbeer barrels, hot balls, chocolate babies, bubble gum, caramels with the white sugary middle, sugar babies,mary janes, squirrel nut caramels, bubble gum cigarettes. But I think Fizzies was my favorite fun item to buy. I did love the Skybar for the different fillings each piece had. Then it ended up being a Coke and a Baby Ruth or a Butterfinger. I would love to win the cute kit. It has great colors and elements. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Amanda L.

Love Mary Janes!

Bethany E.

Licorice...definitely my fave! Love this kit!!!

Suzy Adams

I loved the tiny wax bottles with the bright colored liqued inside! Yummo!


i loved milkshake bottles at our LLS (local lolly shop) LOL...but not sure if they would also be in USA..


I loved the little wax soda bottles with syrup inside. As an adult I have to wonder why......Thanks for the chance at the giveaway

Beth Perry

mine was laffy taffy!!
and I love how you did the mini! too cool!
thanks for the chance to win!

cindy b.

Thanks for the chance to win!! And I sure miss those Marathon Bars!! ;-)

Andrea T

Sugar daddy's were my favs Chocolate and caramel on a stick!!! YUM!!

Sherry Cartwright

Fave dime store candy is homemade fudge from an old general store in small town Texas. Okay, maybe it costs a pretty good dime, but it oh so yummy!

Jennifer G

Cheryl - I also grew up in that small "P-town"! Your dad was my 5th grade teacher. And my favorite dime store candy was the sugar cigarettes (also loved the gum that was shaped into cigarettes)!! Tootsie rolls were my second fave! And how about those milkshakes at Fry's Pharmacy!! Now THOSE were good!!

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