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June 08, 2010


jennifer b

I always liked rock candy and caramels ;)

Nicole B

I would definitely have to agree with the buggle gum cigerettes. That definitely brought back some memories!

rhonda nickol

I loved and still do love candy cigarettes and the boxes they come in make great scrapbooking accents for pages!


We used to "smoke" candy as kids too, but my favorite was always tootsie rolls.


Wow--haven't thought about dime store candy in AGES! How fun...hmmmm--caramels and toffee, definitely. :)


I used to love those satellite wafers....the harder foamy things with the candy inside!

Tracy Rizzo

Mary Janes! off to look around your blog-hehe


Totally forgot about those dime store bubble gum cigarettes--what an awesome memory!


nice question : my favorites are toffees...


favorite dime store candy... gotta go with wax lips! :)


Love this kit, the colors are perfect for my 2 boys :-)
I'm mad about tootsie rolls too

Nicole Harper

huge fan of Candy when you're wearing them whole, cool when you're sportin' the rainbow of colors on your neck from licking the dang things and putting them back on, lol. win-win! :)


We used to 'smoke' the candy cigs too ... ha! My faves were Laffy Taffy or Pop Rocks!


I always loved the candy necklaces.
Also the big sheets of taffy.

Keshet Shenkar

Mmm. taffy for me, too!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

I have to pick just one?? I loved the Swedish fish that they'd count out and place in a teeny, tiny paper bag. And those flying saucers filled with candy beads. And those odd two-toned lollies, which were yummy, but chalky and always made my tongue hurt afterwards!

Cute kit! Thanks for the chance! :-)


Not dime store but I remember my Grandmother buying us chocolate "smokes" from Fancy Farmer. We thought we were pretty cool. Would not be so cool 45 years later. : )

Jennifer Findlay

such a cute kit. My favorite was always either rock candy or those colored dots on the paper. I can't remember what they are called.

Becky Shogren

Loved Lollies, pure sugar at its best.

Natalie E

I loved the chocolate buds the best. Especially the white chocolate ones :-)

Jane S

Fave dime store candy would be rootbeer barrrels. Yay.

Amy Coose

My fave dime store candy would have to be rock candy.


Huge fan of Jenni's!!! I am always on the prowl for gred red, white, and blue products!!!
My favorite dime store candy would be the little candy sticks, I still have to get them whenever we go to Cracker Barrel!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Bit-o-honeys and Sugar Daddies...the best chewy goodness you could find.


I love this kit and my favorite candy would be the peppermint sticks

Michele Bailey

My favorite dime store candies were rootbeer barrels! Enjoying all these fabulous blogs!! Thanks for the chance!


How wonderful! There isn't much I don't love about Jenni's stuff! I too am waiting anxiously for these new announcements!


At my local candy store growing up, the cigerettes were not often available, but when they were, I remember every kid in town running down there to get some. They flew right off the shelf in record time. Yes they were the most fun!


bazooka gum or pop rocks!

Judy Walker

I remember loving the freshly cooked Spanish peanuts that they cooked right there and would still be hot. Not exactly candy but were located with the candy. I also loved the Boston Baked beans when they were fresh and malted milk balls. Actually, I loved all the candy~!!!!!

Kim R

I was (and still am) all about the caramels!

Monika Wright

I always loved the different flavors of candy tough to make a decision.


Oh, I've always loved rootbeer barrels :)

Beverly Jordan

I loved the Tootsie pops and still do, so bought 2 bags for our families' road trip last week on vacation! Kept the kids (and me) so much happier!!


haha!! i did the exact same thing when i was a kid! My favourite is toffee crumble, i'm not sure if you have that in the US though. We don't have many traditional sweet shops in the UK now though so it's not very often i get to eat it, which is just as well really! Love this kit, it's so yummy!


My fav dime store candy would have to be those candy cigarettes.


I used to love getting a sheet of button candy! I recently introduced this candy to my girls and they loved it!


I loved and still love hard candies - root beer barrels, lemon drops, but especially cinnamon disks!

Staci Taylor

ooooh, love that!! such a great idea for jbs! i think mine were always candy necklaces :-)

Erica Hettwer

I loved the candy cigarettes, too! :D


Love all the caramels !
thanks for the chance


youpi, this giveaway is fabulous
My favorite candy is lemon drop... mium

Shelly P.

My favorite were the Garbage Pail Kids sticker/gum pack. We had a lot a laughs with these.

Chris Aiton

The lemon drops - I would suck on them till my lips puckered! thanks for the chance to win


I'd have to say my fave is the long thin striped taffys!

Kathy Reid

Swedish Fish were always one of my things to buy.

Ann Cicilie

Oh, I've aƦways wanted to make one of those mini albums!

Hm, favorite dime store candy... Must be some kind of caramel :)


I do not like candy of any kind, so I don't have a favorite dime store candy :) If I must eat candy, I guess I will have a homemade caramel.


Remember those black licorice pipes with little red 'beads' on the end that looked like fire?!!

Andrea MacDonald

Hot lips are my fav. Not sure if you get them in the US but they are so good!

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