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February 16, 2010



Oh CHERYL!! She is just ADORABLE!! I have been checking your blog all day for some photos! LOL!!

London looks so big compared to Annabelle!

Many congrats and hugs all around! YAY!!!!!! SO excited to see some of your girly layouts! Heee heee!


big congrats!


Congrats! Beautiful family! And who looks this good after having a baby?! Way to go!!! Can't wait to see more!


Big Congrats Cheryl, Nate and London!! Annabelle is so very precious! Can't wait to meet her! These pics are melting my mamma's heart! xoxoxoxo to you my friend!


Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful! I can tell that she is going to be one loved little girl! :0)

tara pollard pakosta

I am soooooooo happy for you guys cheryL! she's a beauty! tara


Congratulations Cheryl and family! She is a beauty! :)


Congratulations, Cheryl! What wonderful family photos. Love the name you chose! : )

(Hi Amy!)


Huge congrats, Cheryl! you have such a beautiful family! :)

julie cope

oh she is beautiful!! congrats to you all!!



omgosh. those lips! i love those perfect little rosebud lips! she's gorgeous, cheryl! Congrats to you all!


She is so gorgeous! congrats!


Hugh congrats!!!! she is precious :)



ahhhhhh. she is adorable!!! huge congrats to you and your fam!


Congrats to you and your family - Annabelle is adorable as is her big bro,mumma and dadda - enjoy the extra hugs and kisses


Congratulations! She's a gorgeous baby and that picture with her brother is so adorable.


Big congrats to you and your family Cheryl. Annabelle looks divine, baby girls are the best - not that I m biased at the moment at ALL! :)

Shannon R.

What a fun Valentine's gift! She's adorable and I love her name. Congratulations to you all.


Congratulations Cheryl & Nate!!! I am so happy for you. Your little girl is beautiful...actually what an adorable family! God bless you and keep you and I know you and Nate will raise these two gifts from God to love and honor Him! Have lots of fun - girl layouts are great! :)

Laura Solomon

OMG-- I have been wondering when you were going to have that perfect baby?? VALENTINES DAY?? WOWOW! She is delicious!! And now Mrs A. You have the perfect family. ((told ya so...))
xoxoxox L


such a beautiful family!! :)
what a special day to be if your world could handle any more LOVE on the 14th?!?! i'm sure your heart was about to burst at the seams!! ;)


congratulations!!! she is just gorgeous!! love the photos!!


She is SO sweet! What a beautiful little girl. Great photos of the four of you. May God bless you. Becca :)


Hooray! I'm sooo excited for you! She is adorable. Congrats!


I am so proud to be your cyber friend - ie i have read your blog for years - congratulations to you all - you are a beautiful family and i am sending you hugs and fairy kisses from australia!
love andrea!


Congratulations Cheryl and family! She's beautiful! And of course I can't wait to see all the pink girly layouts!! :)



congrats Cheryl and family! she is such a doll! what a wonderful thing that she choices valentines day for her arrival! big hugs!


Congratulations to all of you on your new bundle of joy ~ what a blessing children are! She's simply beautiful! Keeping you all in my prayers!

Sara Sampson

Congratulations. What a beautiful baby to go with your other beautiful baby. How blessed you all are. Love all the pictures but the one with Annabelle and London together is just priceless.
God Bless You All,


I'm so happy for you, Cheryl! You look beautiful!


oh my gosh!
you're family is just beautiful :)

Bridgette Truong

Oh, congrats to your and your family Cheryl!!! She's just precious!
(And I am a HUGE fan of the big sibling/little sibling photos.


YAY, CONGRATULATIONS Cheryl! i'm so happy for you & your family, so so beautiful!!!




Congrats to you and your family Cheryl! Annabelle is absolutely beautiful & precious!


she is absolutely beautiful! congratulations!

elisa hernandez

Cheryl, your skin is radiant and you look great. Baby Annabelle is beautiful. Many blessing to you and your family.

Diane R

I'm so glad I checked in. I had a feeling when I saw your name on my blog list today that there would be joyful news. Many, many happy wishes for the beautiful Ametewee family!!


That is one gorgeous lil baby girl!
Congratulations Ametwee Family on your new addition !


CONGRATULATIONS cheryl, nate, london! annabelle, you are a very lucky little princess! i can't wait to see all your mom's gorgeous scrapbook pages chronicling your little adventures! happy birthday!!!


beautiful beautiful beautiful! and great layout about London in Etc. :)

Samara Link

Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful. You make a gorgeous family of four, glowing and precious, happy and lovely. Hope you're all feeling well and adjusting. Enjoy this new chapter in your lives!

Heather Bowser

Congratulations! It is no fair how amazing you look!

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