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June 21, 2006



Have you ever taken the time to read sit and read a blog that touches your heart and think, "I'm so blessed to have heard these words?"

Thanks Cheryl


Has someone you have never met influenced your life to such a degree that you wish you could just reach through the computer and give her a hug? (with tears streaming down your face) because you know this person deserves so much more than then she knows.....

Maybe some day I will get the chance! :)


Such an incredible reminder. How awesome. Thank-you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! It touched me and inspires me to live for today.

Jamie Cottrell

Cheryl- you are amazing- yet again...thanks for inspiring and uplifting everyone around you.


have you ever met a person who can perfectly put into words such awesome and inspiring thoughts....and have those thoughts really hit home for you as you sit with tears in your eyes reading her blog? amazing words cheryl - and something i really needed to hear today.

corinne delis

Cheryl you read my mind, truly we are very much alike, so much that it scares me sometimes. Never thought of meeting someone who thinks and feels the same way as I do and can put it into such beautiful words. LOVE YOU!


wow! i needed that. thank you!


truly inspiring blog entry!


You make my life better. I love you.

tara pollard pakosta

you are one amazing woman. you have so much knowledge and grace!


Your words lift me up after such a long day. Bless you.

Kristina Proffitt

I love the way you think, girl. Love YOU! :)

Leanne Stamatellos

Well, i have you now in "my favourites" so I can check out your blog whenever I get a chance.

It's been ages, Cheryl - so long since we've chat and it's wonderful that you are heading to Chicago ( have a wonderful time, enjoy new things, experience and love what you're doing , have a ball )

Hope to catch up soon and say hello.


Amazing writing, and so true!!! Very inspiring, TFS!


thank you for your amazing words! what a blessing to read!

Anita Mundt

i heard from someone recently that the from the Buddhist faith belive that everyone has a little bird that sits on your shoulder and sks every day 'is this the day? to remind them that if today should be their last that they should make sure they live it with peace, happiness nd integrity....what a beautiful idea, your writing today made me think of that!


Yep I've been trying to living life like it would be the last day for the last 10 years, but also forget and look back/regret more that I want to admit. It's so easy to forget, your words help me to remember that I should not forget and continue to appreciate, enjoy and live life to the max. THX, D@nielle

Bev (PBev)

You are one very wise young woman. Thank you for that insightful and much needed (in my case) reminder. You are such a blessing to so many many people. God is using you in a way that, I bet you never ever imagined.


Thanks for sharing. You always seem to inspire me with your words. God Bless.

cheryl wray

Beautiful post!! And oh so true!!!


Thankyou for the tears and the much needed inspiration.


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