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March 03, 2010


tara pollard pakosta

awwwwwwwww get some rest girlie! I remember that "new high" that comes with having a newborn. I didn't sleep for weeks becaue I just could NOT STOp looking at my baby!!! LOL! oh how I miss those days! I did take lots of naps with them during the day whenever I could! lots of LOVE! tara


take care of yourself. i really, really wish i could be there to help!!!!!


I miss those days. Not enough to add another to the mix though. Too old. LOL! HUGS and get plenty of naps!

Sherry Cartwright

That photo of LB reaching for his sister's photo is priceless, heart melting. Love.

Get some rest when you can.

Carrie F.

popping in to say hi and tell you that i think of you and your sweet family everyday. i love reading your blog - can't wait til we can get together. lunch is on me! :)


Hi Cheryl, You may not know me, but we are best 'pretend blog friends'! I check you out often. So happy for your family and new baby girl is soooooo precious. And your sweet husband looks like he's in love with you all. Best wishes from way down here in New Orleans.


love those ruffly little pants. Jovi has like 6 pairs of them :D

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