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July 07, 2008



YAY!! So glad your projects are coming together! Your scrap space is looking FABULOUS!!! :) Love it! Hey, you need to call me! :) xo.


What a lovely and cozy little house you are making! Mr. Manz is so BLESSED to have a mommy like you.

Love, Mere


Love all of the touches you're putting on your home, C! It's looking so amazing! Love those pictures, too! Especially the "coming soon" one! Too perfect! ;) You look beautiful!!! Hugs!

Stephanie M.

Hi Cheryl, Love seeing your new home projects. Love all the bright happy colors. The "coming soon" picture is perfect. what a great idea for invitations for a shower or the like. Neat!


Kelly Todd

It could NEVER be picture overload!! I love seeing the progress of your new abode and of you and Mr. Manz (well, what I can see of him haha) :)
Still trying to get some time off to come - will look at the schedule again at work today.


your scrap space is totally FABOO! as soon as i saw your blog about the clip-it-up, i started searching for one of my own. i recently moved, and while we're renting the place so i can't do all the modifications that YOU get to do, you are still an inspiration throughout this whole organizational process. i finally feel as if i have a little crafting space that i can make my OWN. (woo-hoo).


super cute!! i love that thrift table, too by the way!!

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